Our Process

We offer a free in home consultation or a design consultation in our showroom. Consultations take approximately two hours and consist of a design interview, selection process, budget discussion, field measurements or review of your architectural plans. Upon completion of your free in home consultation, Kinsley Design Group will design a concept that meets your design requirements. Once we have completed your conceptual designs, you will attend a presentation meeting in our showroom where we will present plans and selections we have made for your project along with a detailed budget based on our previous meeting.

At the conclusion of this meeting a design retainer will be required to move forward to the design phase of your project.

1. Showroom Visit

It can be a scheduled appointment with a particular designer or you may simply visit during our showroom hours. This visit can be as quick or as detailed as you would like. The more information we get up front, the more accurate your proposal will be.

2. Initial Meeting

At Kinsley, we can work from architectural plans or come out to your home for an initial meeting.

3. First Meeting

We will present preliminary concept drawings, preliminary pricing, and selection options based on the information we obtained from you at our first meeting. We will discuss the concepts we present to you and your likes and dislikes of those concepts. We will brainstorm on other possible design concepts and make a more accurate decision about finished and door styles. At the completion of the meeting, you would need to decide as to whether you would like to move forward with Kinsley Design Group.

If you like the information we have presented and decide to move forward, we will require your signature for the proposal and a design retainer from you.

This proposal and design retainer are your commitment to us and ours to you. It will allow us to move forward with finalizing and detailing design drawings, while working with you to complete your project as a whole.

Your retainer will be applied to your cabinetry order at the signing of your final cabinetry contract. This will all be explained in our written proposal to you.

4. Second Meeting

We will present final drawings with the changes from the first meeting. They will be even more detailed than the concept drawings and this would be where we fine tune anything you wish to change and make final door style and finish selections.

We will also need final appliance selections prior to or at this meeting to move any further because those items affect the final cabinet orders.

We will also discuss countertop selections, backsplash options, sink, faucets, accessories and decorative hardware selections.

5. Third Meeting

The third meeting will consist of review and approval of the final drawings, selections and final contracts. At that time, we would collect all necessary deposits in order to place the order and get the acknowledgement process started.

Once cabinet orders are placed, we will finalize the ordering of decorative hardware, backsplash materials, and final select countertop materials.

Per our contract, we will assist you with these selections because all of these items are crucial to completing your project in an efficient timeframe. If you delay with any one of these items, your installation process can be delayed. Since cabinetry is typically one of the last items to be installed and owners typically are excited to see the project come to a close, it is nice to have them completed in an efficient time frame.

Final Touches

We provide a detailing (touch up) service for all the cabinetry we install. This detailing process completes our jobs and is like the icing on the cake.

Most of our cabinet lines take 8-12 weeks for delivery once the order is acknowledged. If we get the final drawings completed and approved by you in the 30 days, it will take two weeks for acknowledgement and then 8-12 weeks depending on the manufacturer.

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